I always thought that going away for a year and travel the world is easy! You pack all the stuff you need, book a few flights and go. I was badly mistaken with that expectation and attitude.

As I was planning and arranging everything for my year out, I fell into a process of re-evaluation of everything in my life: family, friends, job, possessions and I have had to go through a rather painful process of letting go. I am aware that this process is necessary to fulfil my dream, but I completely underestimated the constrictions of our everyday life and absolutely neglected the emotional part of it.

I am very grateful for this experience and at the same time, while going through all the lasts, I have really registered my appreciation for the people I have around me and all the chances and happenings I have experiences in my life so far. Thanks to everything that I was allowed to live through, the 2c0e195f90c45d0ef11e7c45a95bdaa9good and the bad, everything will give me the freedom I have been looking for and let me be open to all the positive things on the journey.

I have again realised that the stressful life we often lead doesn’t allow us to calm down and see the beautiful things happening around us or even right in front of us. One day after having arrived in Sri Lanka, after having left most of my worries back home or on the plane, I have calmed down and am open to new things again.

Tonight, during a power cut, I was sitting in the dark in the jungle, listening to the Muslim calls and Buddhist chantings while observing the fireflies glowing about in the palm trees…. BLISS.

Give the magic of serendipity a chance to reach you!!!

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