Passionate about exploring the world travelling and connecting with cultures, I seek out for moments which are human, educational and spiritual, expanding the personal horizon and enhancing personal growth.


Trying to be in the flow of life and trusting in the universe to bring about all that needs to come up on your way to move forward, sometimes a wave catches up with you and breaks over your head. Dealing with life situations with the right mindset can always teach you things and project you into new possibilities or just wonderful situations on the way.

The magic of serendipity comes up more often than we might think. We are often busy and are occupied with other things so we can’t be and enjoy the moment. This is what I would like to share with you and exploring how to catch these moments more often.

Mindfulness, awareness, happiness and a positive mindset are key to a healthy life for me.

Let’s enjoy the ride together and make the best of the waves of life.

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