In December 2014, I was in SRI LANKA to do some volunteering and to get to know everyone in the project as I am going back this summer to do some work. On December 27th, nearly 2300 children received their school material for the new year, financed by the project and the local people working in it. I will never forget the faces and the joy of these children on that particular day. Especially this young girl’s look had an enormous impact on me, my perspective to and my attitude towards life and while teaching back at home in Luxembourg. The children were eager to learn and to get a possible chance to have a better life once they are adults. The hopeful look in this girl’s eyes shows that every little can help and that each and everyone can have repercussions and provoke change. This moment of unexpected luck, which is by the way the definition of serendipity, has proven that AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.

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