For many years my passion for travelling has guided me to many incredible places and the world has always offered itself in the most wonderful and beautiful situations. Often this urge to travel and explore the world was driven by wake-up-calls in and around my life, but as we all know: As long as we learn the lesson from whatever it is, gets us moving and makes us profit from the opportunities we get, nothing is wasted. Many good things come your way if you are open to them. IMG_3127My first magical experience with serendipity was on the island formerly called Serendip, how ironic is that!!! I instantly loved the place doing some volunteer work and getting into contact with amazingly heart-warming and open people. It was there and then that my heart became even more open to the world which has lead me to take the decision to take a year out from work. MAKING MY DEAREST DREAM COME TRUE: travelling the world and getting into contact with different cultures through volunteering work. I hope you will enjoy the ride with me EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER (Mark Twain)

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