After 10 days in Sri Lanka, I have realised that while having been IMG_3952mostly stressed and busy at home, I keep calming down and at the same time my senses seem to revive. I seem to have often neglected or to not have realised what was happening around me in my daily life at home.

NO2015-07-26 11.23.21W, I have more time and am open to everything coming my way. I observe the local people, taste all the local food prepared in home kitchens, take the time to smell the flowers and enjoy the colours all around and I LOVE IT. I seem to have become more conscious and live more in the now than in the what-do-I-still-have-to-do mode. I can appreciate what is there so I have already become more conscious about my surroundings.

I am a little shocked what a difference it makes to be out of the routine and in the adventure mode, and I am wondering if this state of mind can also be incorporated and upheld in busy times. Can one be in a conscious mind set while rushing around? How can one get and stay in this mind set? Being surrounded by nature, observing and listening to everything flying, crawling, running and swimming around for a while seems to be one working factor. Other ways of meditation might also 2015-07-18 20.09.00work out, but I will have to explore more as my senses are sharpening and my consciousness, gut feeling and instinct seems to be able to breathe again.

Living consciously and wholehearte2015-07-18 18.44.52dly means being yourself and feeling what is or isn’t good for you. I am sad that I seem to have neglected all that most of my life, but I am happy to have discovered a small part of it so far. I am looking forward to what more is to come and all the intensive meetings with my inner self I haven’t been in touch with for some time!

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